Machine Builder Leader

Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States



Responsible for jobs from the beginning stages to the completion and installation. Build small automotive sub assemblies. Fits and assembles components to construct, rebuild, and repair sub assemblies by performing the following duties.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Responsible for consultation on build issues with department employees.

Analyzes assembly blueprint and specifications manual, and plans machine building operations.

Verifies conformance of parts to stock list and blueprints.

Lays out hole locations and drills and taps holes on parts for assembly.

Aligns components for assembly and bolts, screws, dowels, welds, or rivets parts together.

Removes high spots, and smooths surfaces.

Verifies alignment and tolerances of moving parts.

Tests operation of assembly by hand.

Assembles, sets up, and operates machine to verify functioning, machine capabilities, and conformance to customer's specifications.

Provide cost to complete estimates bi-weekly.

Update resource charts daily.

Log rework at the time of the rework.

Build small sub assemblies and mounting to bases.

Welding small parts for the sub assemblies.

Identifying parts on prints for build purposes.

De-burring, stamping, and painting of sub assemblies.

Building guarding around projects.

Machining (drilling, tapping, lathe work, bridgeport, etc)

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