Proposal Processor

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Proposal Processor

HIROTEC AMERICA is the world’s leading comprehensive engineering company; providing state of the art body shop tooling, engineering services and products to automotive manufacturers around the globe.

Currently seeking a dynamic Proposal Processor to become part of the HIROTEC AMERICA team.

This person will be responsible for analyzing customer inputs to determine tools, fixture, and equipment needed for manufacture and plan sequence of operations for fabrication and assembly of products by performing the following duties:

  • Coordinating proposals and engineering communications with various departments.
  • Review proposal concept with project team to ensure we are providing the customer with effective solutions.
  • Develop process (or verify customer provided process) with provided product information, station cycle times and field checks.
  • Break down proposal content and explain system layout.
  • Create customer presentation to include product flow charts, system layouts, station cycle times, overall system cycle times and assumptions.
  • Lead along with sales in customer tech reviews, internal line-ups and follow-up with engineering for lessons learned.
  • Ensure the general directions, plans, specifications of proposal or customer’s requirements are maintained within the proposal phase of the project.

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of seven years related experience; knowledge of UG, AutoCAD, or other design based CAD system as applicable. Ability to distribute workload with knowledge in managing project budgets and manpower requirements. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office. Excellent organizational skills with strong teamwork and leadership skills. Must possess strong written and communication skills.

HIROTEC America offers one of the most progressive benefit and compensation packages in our industry.

Excellent work environment and benefits await you!

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